MAGIC OF LiFEL→R Ba 渡辺雄司 / Dr 岡田翔太朗 / Vo.Gt 高津戸信幸 / Gt 山下拓実 MAGIC OF LiFE
Ba 渡辺雄司
Dr 岡田翔太朗
Vo.Gt 高津戸信幸
Gt 山下拓実

2003年8月に「DIRTY OLD MEN」として結成。2014年10月17日 アーティスト名を「MAGIC OF LiFE」へ改名。
また、地元の栃木県に音楽で恩返しをしたいという想いから、MAGIC OF LiFEが主催する音楽フェス「Donʼt Stop Music fes.栃⽊」(通称:栃フェス)」を2015年からスタート。以降、毎年開催しており、才能あふれる注目のアーティストが多数出演し、全国の音楽ファンまで反響を呼ぶ音楽フェスとなっている。

L→R Ba Yuji Watanabe / Dr Shotaro Okada/ Vo.Gt Nobuyuki Takatsuto/ Gt TakumiYamashita
Ba Yuji Watanabe
Dr Shotaro Okada
Vo.Gt Nobuyuki Takatsuto
Gt TakumiYamashita

Formed in August 2003 as “DIRTY OLD MEN”. Changed the band name to “MAGIC OF LIFE” in October 17 2014. Their songs are featured with unique lyrics by unforgettable catchy melody and narrative expression. With overwhelming live power, vocal’s voice impresses audiences with a high tone which is sometimes beautiful and translucency, sometimes strong and attractive. Tie-ups of TV anime the band won in recent years has increased rapidly. The band was in charged of theme songs for popular TV anime such as "Yowamushi Pedal" and "Joker Game", and has gained support from a wide range of age groups. They are attracting many international fans and drawing great attention in various places both domestically and abroad. In addition, since 2015 the music festival "Don't Stop Music fes. Tochigi" (Tochigi Festival) which is organized by MAGIC OF LiFE with the desire to thank the locals in Tochigi prefecture by music has been started. Since then, this festival has been held annually with many remarkably talented artists joining in, and become a music festival captivating the attention of music fans nationwide. The band was also appointed as Tochigi Furusato Ambassador and actively contributed to community activities by being involved in Tochigi City's mascot character “Tochisuke” theme song. The band has evolved with musical expressions by various approaches: "We want to play a music that can shake people's life".